Investing in the Resources
of the Future.

With TRADIUM GmbH, it’s easy: We enable you to buy rare earths and technology metals as a physical investment.

TRADIUM: A Portrait

The team of the infotainment program Adventure Life was a guest with us and talked to us about investments in Strategic Metals.

The result is an insightful look behind the scenes of TRADIUM. Enjoy our subtitled version here!

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Why Invest?

- No gambling on the stock exchange
- Multiple tax benefits
- High demand, low availability
- Easy convertibility into cash

metallener bulle und bär

Benefit from Our Experience

portrait matthias rueth

Matthias Rüth


Make use of our more than three decades experience in technology metals and rare earths! Matthias Rüth is glad to inform you about the fundamental advantages of investing in the resources of the future.

Exciting Possibilities for your Investment



Neodymium Oxide


Invest in the Technologies of the Future



Germanium is processed in fiber optics and thus an essential component of modern communication technology. Indispensable in the information age - but classified as critical.



Smartphones, touchscreens, solar cells. Many technical developments and products of our daily lives would be unimaginable without indium. Accordingly, the resource is of utmost relevance.


Neodymium Oxide

Neodymium magnets are extremely powerful and highly sought after: For wind turbines or highly effective electric motors, for microphones or speakers. In other words: All across the high-tech industry.



An all-rounder and therefore so coveted. Whether for LEDs, magnets or solar cells, gallium has a wide range of areas of application.


Rare Chances

The world needs more than 160,000 tons of rare earth per year and China supplies about 80 of them, so it is almost monopolist. For a number of years now, however, demand has been increasing there as well. We expect a medium to long-term increase in prices, as it is difficult to increase production to the same extent.

Safe with Material Assets

Prices for precious metals, real estate and even vintage cars have been rising to sometimes absurd heights for quite some time now. Just the right time to think about investing in rare earths and technology metals. With us, you do not purchase shares of any mine or certificates of possibly dubious origin, but the physical product. Touchable!